The Creole Choir in The Wood Room » 08-Dec-2009

The Creole Choir of Cuba were recently in The Wood Room recording material for Real World Records and The B&W Society of Sound

In glorious songs like Edem Chanté (Listen To Us!), The Creole Choir celebrate the history of their Haitian descendents enslaved to the Caribbean from West Africa. The Creole Choir's ten remarkable singers come from Camagüey, Cuba's third city, down towards the eastern end of the island. They grew up and studied music in this old colonial town, designated a UNESCO World heritage Site in 2008 for its colonial architecture. They have nurtured music passed down in their families since the early 19th century, gradually adding modern Haitian sounds.

Charlton Park iPhone App available » 16-Jul-2009

We've just launched or Charlton Park iPhone application - it's free and it will be one of the services that can take advantage of the site-wide Wi-Fi.

If you would rather not be without the internet for a whole weekend then fear not as WOMAD Charlton Park has it's own WiFi network. Access to some pages, such as pages this website and the iPhone application will be free. Charges apply for wider access. Lets get Twittering.

1 day: £5.00

All weekend 23rd - 26th July: £10.00


Video for Justin Adams and Juldeh Camara's Kele Kele » 10-Jun-2009

We've had some fun with two lights, some black cloth and the Canon 5D Mk11. Justin, Juldeh, Mim and Justin's son brought some fantastic energy to the shoot - and then there's that Les Paul Goldtop from the first year of manufacture, and the amazing sound that often seems to come from single stringed african instruments, in this case a ritti.

Donate to WITNESS before June 5 - have it tripled up to $30,000 » 27-May-2009

Donate to WITNESS before June 5 and your gift will be tripled up to $30,000.

Visit WITNESS and see how your gift directly supports the use of video to promote women's rights in Zimbabwe, Yemen and Mexico to make the world a safer place.

Spiro - Canon 5D Mk11 at The Bell » 05-May-2009

A couple of little clips of Spiro handheld on a Canon 5D Mk11 at The Bell in Bath. They saw nothing but room for improvement in their performance and I'm pretty sure the cameraman had a beer in his other hand, but it's a glimpse of a mesmerising performance.

Spiro on the B&W Music Club » 27-Mar-2009

Spiro are this month's artists on the Real World curated Bowers and Wilkins Music Club. You can see them here talking about recording the project at Real World Studios, with an introduction from Peter Gabriel. Catch them this month at The Music Club, live at The Bell in Bath on Monday 30th March, at upcoming festivals - Wychwood and WOMAD Charlton Park and in projects coming soon with Real World Records.

"Spiro are at the forefront of the new wave of inspirational English acoustic music - unique arrangements that transport you into gorgeous landscapes. Essentially English, beautifully brilliant with timeless melodies." Karen Tweed

Newsletters » 12-Mar-2009

If you are not on our mailing lists, you won't have recieved our recent newsletters, but fear not, they are available to read on-line.

Daby Touré and Skip McDonald - Together For The First Time » 25-Feb-2009

Daby Touré and Skip McDonald are seen here during an impromptu performance in The Wood Room at Real World Studios. This was the first time we had seen them perform together, a totally spontaneous meeting of two musicians and an unrehearsed rendition of 'Baye' from Daby's 'Stereo Spirit' release.

As Skip later said, "To meet a brother like this..." He shakes his head. "It's a rare, rare thing." Their collaboration continues to grow, first with a release through The B&W Music Club, then with 'Call My Name', now available for pre-order on Real World Records.

The deep roots of African music nourish the raw electric groove of rock and roll » 23-Feb-2009

Justin Adams & Juldeh Camara are on the bill for both WOMADelaide and WOMAD New Zealand next month. You can get an early taste of their music with the Afrobilly Sessions, this month's release on the Real World curated Bowers & Wilkins Music Club. Sign-up for the free CD quality EP download, or join to download the full album each month.

The Afrobilly Sessions, the new sound of Justin Adams & Juldeh Camara. It is the sound of a nation with no borders - a place that needs no passport, no visa. The deep roots of African music nourish the raw electric groove of rock and roll, Gnawa spirit rhythms come up against Chicago distortion and snaky N'awlins rhythm has a West London howl, and a Sahel Wail.

You'll be hearing more from Justin and Juldeh with a release on Real World Records slated for May 7th.

Where does the time go? » 19-Feb-2009

Did you see the 'This much I know' column in The Observer at the weekend? Clay Shirky, technology guru, had some food for thought:

Someone asked me, "Where do people find the time to write Wikipedia?" But it has involved an estimated 100m hours, against the 200bn hours Americans spend watching TV each year. I think of me as a child sat watching every Gilligan's Island, Brady Bunch and Partridge Family on TV as a lost opportunity poured down the sink of the worst sort of media.

Daby and Skip » 13-Feb-2009

A little clip we made with the amazing Daby Touré and Skip McDonald has just gone up around the sites.

Black & White Sessions » 26-Jan-2009

The Portico Quartet talk about recording the latest B&W Music Club release 'Black and White Sessions' at Real World Studios.

The latest release from this innovative Mercury Nominated group is available exclusively as lossless digital downloads from The Bowers & Wilkins Music Club.

Look out for more news on the Portico Quartet and Real World - we'll be hearing more from them.

Music Club sightings » 21-Jan-2009

This picture of one of Dengue Fever's guitars, captured earlier in the year as they recorded a Real World for a forthcoming Bowers & Wilkins Music Club release, seemed to want to find it's way out into the world today. The image of Barack Obama by Shepard Fairey has become a common sight since it's appearance here back in August.

Just launched on The Music Club is the Portico Quartet's 'Black and White Sessions' - they come highly recommended with their recent Mercury nomination. All you have to do is sign-up to get the first three tracks for free.