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Real World Multimedia creates and maintains the official websites for Peter Gabriel, Real World Records, WOMAD, Real World Studios, Real World Remixed, Real World Publishing and WOMAD Shop. The Real World websites began their life in 1995 and have continued to grow and diversify ever since. They now employ a wide range of techniques and technologies, such as advanced database integration for forums, ecards and tour dates, and we continue to develop this in line with the ever growing demand.

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Increasingly we have been designing and authoring a number of DVD projects, including the 'More Than This' DVD single, and 'Secret World Live' DVD-Video, both by Peter Gabriel. Our biggest DVD project of 2003 was Peter Gabriel's 'Growing Up Live' with all aspects of the design and authoring of the disc carried out in-house here at Real World.

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Video Production

Much of the video content for the DVDs, CD-ROMs and websites is directed, shot, and edited in-house by the Multimedia team.

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Real World Multimedia was created by Peter Gabriel to create a revolutionary interactive project called 'Xplora'. This first project garnered huge acclaim, and led to the development of 'EVE' and 'Ceremony of Innocence' other big leaps in CD-ROM design.

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Real World Notes

A biannual publication that came with an enhanced CD for computers and CD players which showcased a wide range of international artists.