In Issue #11 Real World Notes celebrates the achievements of WOMAD Music on its 10th Anniversary. Andy Morgan, our guest editor, has been working his fingers to the bone for this issue of Notes, and apart from the aforementioned excellent piece on WOMAD Music, he's given us an insider's view on the forthcoming National Geographic WOMAD/Real World collaboration.

Our roving reporter touches on subjects as close to home as a recent collaboration with Rizwan-Muazzam Qawwli and Temple of Sound in London to Dr Hukwe and Charles Zawose in the studio at Real World; to Paris with the music of Assitan Mama Keita from Mali.

Further, Jane Cornwell's piece 'Untold Things', from new Real World artist Jocelyn Pook, will enchant and intrigue. And news of a visit to the Palermo Prison Young Offenders Unit, by Annie Menter, gives us insight into the work of the WOMAD Foundation.

Martha Ladly, Editor