It's all change with a brand new look and feel in Issue #12 of Real World Notes, and the great new video for 'When You're Falling' by Afro Celt Sound system featuring Peter Gabriel on the E-CD. I am delighted to be taking over the reins from Martha Ladly as Editor; we continue our commitment to bringing you the best writing, art and music from the Real World and beyond.

PG News, the separate news sheet dedicated to Peters activities, is now in the very capable hands of Eloise, who is in the perfect position to keep the PG fans amongst you right up to date. (Peter's Mum asked for 5 extra copies of this issue, we think it's because of the lovely photos of PG!) We've got our regular run down on all the new releases on RW Records; look out for Jane Cornwell?s piece on the remarkable Blind Boys of Alabama - she met Clarence Fountain to talk about their wonderful new album. We also bring you the word on the Afro Celt Sound System?s new and already highly acclaimed third album (the taster track on the E-CD features Peter Gabriel on vocals complimented by the actual video of the release on the CD ROM track).

Take a look at the fascinating conversation between the fabulous and eccentric DJ Derek, who now tours the world with his disks for WOMAD, and David Cox, this year?s artist in residence at WOMAD festivals, brought to us by Real World regular Andy Morgan. Derek and David were discussing their love of West Indian music, which they each came to from completely different starting points. Andy also introduces us to the new AIDS initiative, the Spirit of Africa series.

Apart from our regular listings of forthcoming WOMAD festivals around the world, Annie Menter from the WOMAD foundation gives us a view on some exciting work produced by Australian artists for the latest festival in Adelaide.

Fran Brooks