All the latest news from Real World Records, Publishing, Peter Gabriel, WOMAD and Multimedia;

'When Good Became So Good' - Award-winning designer Peter Savilla, famous for his work for Factory Records and others, tells the bizarrely fraught and emotional story behind designing the cover for Peter Gabriel's 'So' album;

'Brazil, The Complex Giant' - Brazilian diva Daude gives us her own birds-eye view of her native Brazilian culture and explains how the legacy of slavery is the engine of modern Brazilian music;

'Brotherhood, Destiny and Rum' - Algerian Berber singer Abdelli recounts the remarkable story of his voyage to the Cape Verde Islands and the genesis of his new Real World CD 'Among Brothers';

'Livin' The Bardcore Life' - Afro Celts founder Simon Emmerson takes us back to the Forest Hill Camps that had such a formative influence on his philosophy of life and appreciation of traditional English music;

'Growing Up, Backstage' - Exclusive photos from Peter Gabriel's recent Growing Up tour.

The Interactive Track for Windows and Apple Mac includes:

Peter Gabriel's 'Growing Up' video;

Sevara Nazarkhan performing her song 'Adolat Tanovari' on stage at the Ahoy Arena, Rotterdam;

The making of the track 'Asiran' by Abdelli;

The trailer for Peter Gabriel's 'Secret World Live' DVD;

Misty in Roots performing 'True Rasta' at the WOMAD Rivermead Festival 2002;

A documentary about the making of the Afro Celts' album 'Seed'.

All this plus 9 audio tracks for you CD player, including Daude, Peter Gabriel, Afro Celts, and more!