Issue number 8 celebrates 10 years of Real World Records and 10 years of WOMAD at Reading, Rivermead in the UK - two great anniversaries!

We have an exclusive interview with Peter Gabriel and Lou Reed discussing the evolution of the record label from the first WOMAD festival days;

...we got passionate. We were like evangelists; we really felt there was this magical music happening here - great performers, stuff that not everyone was going to enjoy but there was an audience that knew about it already, so we were determined to build on it.

- From Peter Gabriel in NYC, May 1999.

And on the future of Real World Records;

No other label in recent years has come near the consistent quality, inspiration and passion that Real World has for making records. I think that they'll continue to do great world music, and more great cross-over stuff as well - and the real real world is increasingly ready for both.

- from Guy Hayden at Virgin Records.

WOMAD could almost be a different planet, but it is definitely a different country and a different era... stepping inside the perimeter fence is a giant leap in both space and time.

- WOMAD's ten years at Rivermead are reviewed by journalist David Hutcheon, a WOMAD veteran

There is a sense that the festival is a village playground that works; that ours is a friendly ghetto that people would like to live in ...we are second to none in providing new experiences, vibes and musical discovery in the festival season... coming up this year with 40 groups that you just couldn't find on any other bill.

- Thomas Brooman, WOMAD Artistic Director

As always, there's all the new releases, music, film and interactive projects, tour dates, PG news and reviews. Plus a first-hand account from musician Justin Adams on the music of Mali and a celebration of the life of Ananda Shankar and his last album, with State of Bengal, 'Walking On'.

The Real World contribution to global music has not just been the good times, but an increasing awareness of how small the world really is and the similarity of human experience: to love, to laugh and to essentially know ourselves and others better.

- Notes #8 guest Editor, Malu Halasa, on our raison d'etre

They've been some pretty good times too - look out cause there's more to come.

Martha Ladly, Editor, Real World Notes