Issue #9 continues to celebrate 10 years of Real World Records.

This is Issue #9 and the last Real World Notes of the Millennium. In keeping with the theme of celebration, we're bringing you two alternative New Years, from the Millennium Dome, and from Tibet. The story behind the Millennium Show, created by Peter Gabriel and Mark Fisher, is introduced with images from the rehearsals and the low down on the music that has been specially created for the show. One of the new tracks from Peter, the 'Hundred Days Dance Sequence', is on the Notes #9 E-CD. Lhama Gyurme, Yungchen Lhamo and all Tibetan Buddhists will be celebrating their New Year on February 6 - it will be 2177, so their Millennium party was 177 years ago - they're glad that the West has finally made it! Thanks to Jane Cornwell for her wonderfully written and sensitive article on their music, their New Year celebrations and the new album from the Lhama; 'Rain of Blessings: Vajra Chants'. You can hear the unplugged version of the 'Offering Chant' from Lhama Gyurme's new record on the E-CD.

We have an excerpt from the lyrical novel 'I Could Read the Sky' by Timothy O'Grady and Steve Pyke and and interview with Nichola Bruce, the director of the film based on the book. Iarla Ó Lionáird, who has produced the soundtrack for the film to be released on Real World Records, talks with Mic Moroney about the experience. You can hear one of the hauntingly beautiful tracks from the film, 'I'm Stretched on Your Grave/Táim Sínte Ar Do Thuama' on the E-CD.

The latter part of 1999 has seen the passing of two artists who have been close to us. Bernard Kabanda was a shining star of African creativity, born and nurtured in the harsh environment that surrounds Uganda's capital Kampala. His CD 'Olugendo' was a new addition to our WOMAD Select catalogue and the track 'Olutalo Olwe Kakinga' was on the Notes #7 E-CD. We pay tribute to Bernard Kabanda. On July 8th 1999, Haroon Shamsher, founder member of Joi - maverick trailblazers of Anglo-Asian dance music hybridization - passed away. A celebration of East and West dancefloor togetherness, in memory of Haroon's life, took place on the 11th of September at Mass in Brixton. 'New Joi' tells the story of Joi's amazing rebirth.

Joy to you. Happy Millennium from us.

Martha Ladly, Editor