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Bowers and Wilkins Music Club Preview

Bowers and Wilkins Music Club

Bowers & Wilkins Music Clubapproval viewing copy.

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Small Places Preview

Small Places

Peter Gabriel and Bill Shipsey talk about the Amnesty International Small Places initiative.

Kele Kele Preview

Kele Kele

"I like to keep things raw and swinging so it never gets too pristine or too sweet...I like trancey, circular rhythms and voices that are in between pleasure and pain, where it's bittersweet." Says Justin Adams

Justin and Juldeh have been playing together for two years "At certain soundchecks I'd start playing something and Juldeh would rush over and say 'keep playing that! We've got to play that tonight' Juldeh would record things on his mobile phone , so that's they way we came up with a lot of material" explains Justin. Over time the two musicians have naturally fused their styles and begun to create a musical language of their own, where it becomes difficult to see if Justin is becoming more African or Juldeh more Western.

The reference points for this release are recordings from the 1950s by the likes of Bo Diddley and Muddy Waters.

Spiro - Lightbox Preview

Spiro - Lightbox

Spiro are four musicians from the South West with a contemporary English acoustic sound. They are Jon Hunt on guitar, Jason Sparkes on accordion, Alex Vann on mandolin and Jane Harbour on violin.

"Spiro are at the forefront of the new wave of inspirational English acoustic music - unique arrangements that transport you into gorgeous landscapes. Essentially English, beautifully brilliant with timeless melodies." Karen Tweed

'Call My Name' Daby Toure and Skip Mcdonald Preview

'Call My Name' Daby Toure and Skip Mcdonald

Daby Touré and Skip McDonald talk about the recording of their collaborative project at Real World Studios.

"We just had this immediate musical connection," says McDonald, eyes twinkling. "In the way our instruments and voices combined. In the things we sing about and the emotions we put into our songs. To meet a brother like this?" He shakes his head. "It's a rare, rare thing."

Welcome, then, to Call My Name. A 6-track mini-album that captures the magic of this unique creative union, that sees songs - some by Touré, others by McDonald - transformed via imaginative, instinctive collaboration. Crafted in Real World Studio's state-of-the-art Big Room with the aid of in-house engineer Greg Freeman, Call My Name is a spellbinding record, the superlative result of focused energy, creative license and a famously pressure-free environment.

Tell No Lies Preview

Tell No Lies

The deep roots of African music nourish the raw electric groove of rock and roll, where Gnawa spirit rhythms come up against Chicago distortion, where snaky N'awlins rhythm has a West London howl, and a Sahel Wail.