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'Call My Name' Daby Toure and Skip Mcdonald

Daby Touré and Skip McDonald talk about the recording of their collaborative project at Real World Studios.

"We just had this immediate musical connection," says McDonald, eyes twinkling. "In the way our instruments and voices combined. In the things we sing about and the emotions we put into our songs. To meet a brother like this?" He shakes his head. "It's a rare, rare thing."

Welcome, then, to Call My Name. A 6-track mini-album that captures the magic of this unique creative union, that sees songs - some by Touré, others by McDonald - transformed via imaginative, instinctive collaboration. Crafted in Real World Studio's state-of-the-art Big Room with the aid of in-house engineer Greg Freeman, Call My Name is a spellbinding record, the superlative result of focused energy, creative license and a famously pressure-free environment.